On average, LIVEMAIL detects over 5000 daily changes to UK email data.
  • E-Accuracy

  • Mailbox Exists

  • MX Testing

  • Soft/Hard Bounces


Our syntax validation process removes common errors such as misspelt addresses.


LIVEMAIL carries out a series of validation checks on the email syntax; eliminating common errors such as misspelt email addresses. Similarly, we highlight role based email addresses e.g. '', which can be troublesome when the user is not truly known.

MX Testing

Know which ISP is handling your email to maximise audience impact.

MX Testing is one of the most useful email tools for a marketing team, allowing easy identification of which mail programs are being used. This tool will enable you to tailor your email campaign to the provider your customers are using.

Mailbox Exists

LIVEMAIL can connect to mail exchanges and validate addresses without sending emails, all checking for Spam Traps.

LIVEMAIL can connect to the mail exchange of the receiver and validate the email address without sending an email. LIVEMAIL also checks for catch-all domains, which can cause issues later down the line with Spamtraps and Honeypots.

Soft/Hard Bounces

LIVEMAIL executes offline and online checks to flag up bounce types and potential spam traps.

LIVEMAIL will aim to identify all records that either 'Hard' or 'Soft' bounce, whilst also verifying the addresses against our known list of spam traps.

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