Over 1 million UK telephone numbers become inactive each month.
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A 99% accuracy rate gives you the peace of mind you need to get the job done.Through partnerships with the UK's major telecommunication providers. 


LIVELINE receives continuous daily updates which enables us to maintain a 99% real-time accuracy rate, giving you the confidence to market your business effectively. Just upload your file, which will then be returned with flags to indicate the status of the number of usable numbers (confirmed active, disconnected, etc.).


LIVELINE is the only solution of its kind to offer UK Landline and Mobile phone validation, including residential or business, non-geographic or premium numbers. 


This allows you to save money and reduce wasted operator call time.


LIVELINE receives continuous updates from the the UK's major telecommunications networks.

LIVELINE's partnership with the UK's major telecoms providers allows us to offer a reliable and stable service, unrivalled in the industry.


LIVELINE can even help you increase ROI, by providing the optimum time to connect with your customers.

LIVELINE accurately identifies when your customers are most likely to answer a call or are active on their mobile device. Using the optimum contact time when connecting with your customers will transform ROI from telephone marketing and direct mobile marketing campaigns.

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