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Whilst most data selections are pretty straight forward when it comes to cleaning data, it is still important to understand what each cleaning service will clean when using our platform. Fear not here is a full break down.


Landline Live Check

There’s nothing more frustrating than having data and finding out that the sales team are calling dead lines – Live Check literally tells you whether that number is Live or rings out.

Best Time to Call

Its great you have cleaned all of your data and now you are ready to call but the phone just keeps ringing or goes to answer phone – Best Time to Call works out the optimum time to call a number based on the answered history over the last 12 months, giving you a better chance of reaching the person you wish to speak to.  

Telephone Number Append

You have good data and want to contact the people in your database – We can add their telephone number from our database and we can also add numbers from the telephone directory service. All the numbers we add are live numbers.

SMS Number Append

We are able to add the mobile telephone number of the person you are calling and we assure you that this number is a live number and not a dead line.

HLR Check

The name literally means Home Location Register and is a verification of the mobile number to check the current status of the service i.e. is it Active, switched off or dead. We also establish the current Network, the original network and any roaming information.


This is the Fax Preference Service and while it is not as popular as it once was, there are companies marketing to other companies using fax and it still works. The FPS is a list of fax numbers that have been registered as not wanting to receive marketing information and if the sender has not removed the records from their database then there can be large fines for misuse.


Many consumers do not like receiving marketing calls via telephone and this is exactly what the TPS or Telephone Preference Service is designed for. Cleaning data against this file ensures that you will not fall foul of the law relating to cold calling.

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LIVEDATA = Address


This stands for Postal Address File and is the basis of delivery for Royal Mail and other delivery companies to ensure that mail gets to the recipient. Many properties have the wrong postcode and this can cause post to not be delivered. PAF can ensure your data is correct for successful delivery.


The Mailing Preference Service is designed to ensure that people who do not want marketing information to be sent to them and delivered by post are not included in the marketing lists. All reputable mailing companies use the MPS.


People are always moving and with people changing jobs, selling their home or simply changing their rental property there are a lot of changes – The Goneaway file ensures that your mailing piece is not sent to someone who no longer lives at the address you may hold for them and this can not only reduce your costs for mailing but also improves the response rates that you get from your marketing campaign.


Sadly we all pass over eventually and it is those that remain behind that have to contend with this sad event. To receive a mailing to promote a product or service to the deceased person can open up a range of emotions and can bring back that stress which may have calmed over time. Cleaning the data against the deceased files will remove those people that are on the register of deaths from receiving this unwanted intrusion.


Unlike Goneaways this file is not about the premises that someone has left but where they have moved to. Customers are hard to keep and they don’t always let you know they have moved until they want your service again. Marketing is about reminding people about what you provide, so why not find those customers that have moved to keep hold of your client rather than losing them.

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Email Append

Email append is where we can add an email address to your existing data to enable you to market to that person using a new channel. We also provide the email with a third party marketing opt-in so that you can promote your product or service to them.

Email Verification

The cost of sending emails is not expensive compared to postal marketing but if you get blacklisted from having poor data then this can cause you to be banned by the email inbox provider (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail etc.) or lose your own sending server (or Email Sending Platform). Email verification ensures that the email address is a working email address.

Email Cleaning

Sending email to an address is only part of the story, you need to make sure there are no spam traps or other harmful or made-up email addresses in your data that can cause you to get false readings as to how responsive the data is. You don't just want a click through, you want someone who actually exists and many anti-spam companies/platforms click all the links in your email to check for viruses, which can give you false information by showing you inflated click-through rates and letting you believe you are doing better than you are.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is ensuring that the email address can actually receive the email you are sending. This is a totally separate process compared to email verification or email cleaning because spam traps will deliver but get you into trouble. Get an overview of all of your domains that deliver and investigate email addresses that do not. The weirdest names are not always real email addresses, therefore analysing what does and doesn't get through is paramount to your campaign.

Email Global Clean

This is where we do the verification, the cleaning and the deliverability check all together and instead of paying for the cost for each service individually, this package combines all 3 checks into one job at a discounted rate.

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When looking at large data files, it's extremely difficult to ensure that the individual and the address are in the database once. De-Dupe is the process where we run complex searches through your data and mark/remove the duplicate records. This means that you can safely send just one piece of marketing information to the receiver be that by post, email, telephone or mobile. Why waste money and upset the receiver with what they perceive as stupidity. Keep your customers happy.

Geo Profile

This is where we analyse the data that you provide to us and we provide you with the geographical area in which they live. This is useful when segmenting people into marketing groups and enables you to make offers that are based on a type of person in a geographical area.

DOB Append

This process is where we append/update the date of birth of the individual in the database to ensure that you can market relevant offers to them.

Marketing Opt-in

Many companies have a database that they wish to market their product or service to and this enables us to match your data to our database where we have an opt-in. Therefore the individual has opted in to receive marketing information from third parties. This enables you to market to them using the channel you have chosen.

Financial Profile

This is where we analyse the data that you have provided to us and examine the financial status of your prospects calculated from the value of the property they live in, council tax bands as well as known information about employment and salaries. This can be useful when looking to put people into marketing groups and enables you to make offers that are based on a type of person from a financial perspective.

Consumer Directory Validation

We hold a database of people in the UK that can be used to ensure that the person exists. This is similar to a directory service but on a larger scale.


This is where we compare a database against the County Court Judgements register. For financial services providers this is useful to know as it can help with a decision as to whether or not to approve a prospective customer. 

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